Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SoCha and Rev, still no Amnesia

SoCha and Revolution Cafe have been notoriously hard to scrape data from. They hand post their calendars on myspace and tend to be really inconsistent with formatting. No offense, Socha/Rev.

I know the new booker, Aaron (from Rupa), and I'm nagging him about switching to google calendar. Hopefully he does it! It will be easier for everybody.

In fact, I already started the google calendars for him because I'm neurotically productive like that (in short, disparate bursts).


I entered the calendars through july, so they will be showing up now. I don't expect I'll maintain them too religiously, so hopefully someone will pick up the slack.


As for Amnesia, they changed something and now it doesn't work. Sad. I need to have a word with them and see if they will do the same.

Also, look at their calendar color scheme for this month: http://amnesiathebar.com/Amnesia/June_09.html

Seriously? Oww my eyes.

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